Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Sorta-Kinda Website...

Yep....a website....Jil is still working on piecing everything together but in the can see some of my work tht hasn't been up on the blog...(and of course some things that have) bookmark and keep checking'll continue to get prettier over time...I promise...and I finished the colors for the Lads as you can see below...more to come!...Chad out.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Lads Ep!

So The Lads informed me this past weekend that they needed a little cover for an EP fastracked to them by Sunday...just thought I would throw up what I have so far...I may post colors later this week if I like 'em...I'm pretty pleased with this right now...time to color a bit and then's nice not having to work at the bookstore on the weekend!...oh and look soon for a post about a website!...that's right! actual real live website that my girlfriend made for me...what a sweetheart...:)

Friday, October 27, 2006

Last 2

figured it might be nice to post the end of my little Fable epic...I've moved onto another little mini story called Sushi Bar...this one is a little more'll be a lot of fun to see completed...I'll post that one as soon as I have some finished work...have a great weekend folks!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

More Goat!

Hooray!...more fox and goat!...I've finished the other I'll post those in time...and I'll try and post some more sketches today if I can just grab the time...

Friday, October 20, 2006

More Fox!

Page 3!...Sorry for not posting this sooner...I'll put up Page 4 over the weekend perhaps...3 weeks till Dallas!!!!...I'll definately have a mini up by then....but only if it has things I'm proud to show and sell...

How Freakin' Cool is This?

So The Lads...some guys I've been working for for the past few months or so made big giant banners out of everything I had done for them so that not just the coolest thing?...and to think I freaked out over the little pins they made's so weird to see your stuff life size like that and on a stage...they really put all that together themselves which is so cool...I just drew the characters...right now we're working on a little comic book that they can hand out at shows and festivals whenever and wherever they play...that's the big reason I've been able to take some time away from Borders and settle down here...anyway thought it might be cool to see...hope you think so too!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Here is a redesign of an old favorite of mine for the awesome site Project Rooftop done by my friend Dean...I had a lot of fun throwing this one together yesterday afternoon....I'm sure it'll see colors ventually if I can grab the time to do seems I'm actually getting busier and busier as time draws on...which is so great....and makes me feel a lot better about quitting my part time job... anyway I need to get back to work!...I have some designs to turn in and a few business phone calls to make...adios!

Monday, October 16, 2006

oh while we're up...

The subject for this weeks Drawergeeks is the Grim Reaper...and seeing as how I basically drew a GR last time with that Dementor I decided to go cartoony and see how that turned was was fun...and a bit different then was pretty much all in Photoshop which was a bit of a change for me...hope it looks alright...

OMG Spider-man!

just an uber quick sketch of Spidey today...hung out with Dean and talked shop for about 6 hours...good times...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Page 2

Page 2....sorry for the late add...had to work at the bookstore all day yesterday....BUT...I also put my 2 weeks notice in!...OMG!...yeah I know!...I seem to have enough work to keep me busy through the holidays and I'll also be gone almost every weekend in I figured it was better to quit then piss people off by taking all my weekends and spend time focusing on what I have....and what I love...pray for me cause this could get rough!...but I feel I made a wise decision...and I'm looking forward to seeing where I go from here.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Aesops Fables

Here is Page 1 of The Fox and The Goat story that I finished this past was a fun little page to work on to get the blood flowing through my fingers's been too long since I've done some finished pages and this was a lot of was also nice to finally break out of my boring box panel phase and do something slightly better, if not more interesting, layout...I'll post the other pages over the course of the week...things are looking up with a few other much so that I may be able to quit my bookstore job and work on art full least over the holidays that's the plan...hopefully that continues...

Monday, October 09, 2006

24 Hour Comic day...success?

I say success....although I made no attempt at the intended goal...I drew about 6 pages and finished inking about 4 of them...I spent most of the day just talking to Dean and Jason about all things comics...there were quite a few other people there as well...(all of whom it was a pleasure to meet)...Poor Jason was sick and ended up taking off around the halfway point while Dean and I hung in there for a few more hours...we even did this neato Robin vs Kid Flash sketch was a lot of fun...I'll post some of the pages I did over the next few was a great start to the mini for hopefully there will be more to come...

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Fox and The Goat

Tomorrow is 24 Hour Comic Day and I have decided to head on down and participate...I'm going in planning to do 24 pages...but if I don't complete it then I will be ok with it...if I'm able to do 15-20 pages of quality work then I will be more than happy honestly...I'm planning on using most of what I put together in a mini for Wizard World Dallas in a few weeks...I'm hoping to do little mini stories of Aesop's Fables like the Fox and The Goat and The Frog and The Scorpion as well as others later on...I have another non fable story to do as well...I'll post more character designs and the pages over the next week...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Just some warm ups I did a few days ago...busy day at the bookstore...and I'm coloring Harry as I post this late...24 Hour Comic Day is this Saturday!...and I completely forgot...hmmm...maybe I won't be feeling too well that day...I'll be heading to a place around here called Rick's comic shop...I had no clue they were participating until an old friend(who I just found out lives 20 minutes north of me!) from college mentioned they were...I have a few ideas for it...and this could be the boost I need to just get some good pages going again...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More Harry!

Here is the final inks for the Drawergeeks Harry Potter posting on Friday...I'd love to color it but my coloring speed is pretty mediocre...and I have some other things that I really need to spend some time working through my dry spell with comic pages...I mentioned Lonesome Town awhile ago...a project I'm actually really excited about...but my pages for that have been very boring and not exactly up to I'm trying to get this mini together to get the motor running and enjoy comics again...I want to be at full strength hewre in the coming weeks...more to come in time...

The Lads!

Here are the remaining Lads, Bjorn, and an unnamed bass player...he'll probably change a bit over time once they get a full time member...anyhoo...I finished these up last week and thought I should post them up...hope you all like it...anybody who is looking at this silly blog anymore...anyway I've got one more thing to post and then I'm working on some comic pages....I'm trying to put a mini-comic together for Wizard World Dallas but either I have lost all my storytelling ability or all my stories are a little may be a little bit of both...but as with any dry just have to work through it...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Oh why not

Harry Potter rough for this weeks Drawergeek hopefully I can have time to color may just be inks this week....I still have a dementor and a werewolf to add in the background...

holy crap...when did I get this blog?

yeah yeah I NEVER update this thing...big surprise...I'll post some sketches I've done over the past few months over the next few the meantime...for your viewing pleasure...(any of you who still check this thing from time to time)...I have been working on some character designs for a childrens band here in Nashville called the Lads...they're good fellas who have a real vision of what they want to do with their band and their ministry...and it begins with me creating some characters, logos, and eventually some mini comics that they can hand out at shows to the here's Mark and Steve...I've worked with them one on one the most...I'll post the next two tomorrow....nice to be back all...nashville says hello....