Monday, May 22, 2006

Imogen Heap

While I'm here I might as well talk about going to see Imogen. It is a Blog after all, a nice way of posting some art and keeping everyone updated on what's going on. I went with my friend Jil and caught Imogen over at the Cannery on Saturday night. I really enjoyed the show but was starting to feel sick on the way over(which turned into a miserable Sunday and early Monday). Anyhow if you haven't heard her stuff before go check her out. Some of you might have heard her at the end of Garden State. She puts on a good show by just mixing her voice on the fly and playing her keyboard. She's real quirky, a lot of fun, and man can she belt it. However I've seen her once, I dunno if I'm dying to see her again. I also liked one of her opening acts, Josh Doyle(don't get me started on the other one). I even got the guys ep. He's local so hopefully I can catch him again. Unfortunately the venue wasn't the best for this kind of show. It was a cool set up but having a bar there just got a lot of people really rowdy and it got hard to hear(granted I was taking in my fair share of alcohol as well...not the best thing to fight a burgeoning illness). I'd love to go there again, just for a different type of show.


Blogger JennG said...

Sounds like an eventful weekend!! I hope you didn't get too sick. Have a great week!

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