Monday, November 06, 2006

Dallas is coming!

and the mini just needs to be printed...well except for a few last minute touch ups that i'm busting my butt to get done now...this is the little cover for the mini...thought it might be fun to post...the mini will consist of the Fox and the Goat story and Sushi Bar as well as a bunch of sketches to fill up the back...I'm aiming at selling it for about $2 for now and hopefully that'll be a good enough price to cover whatever printing cost there is and also some left over for some comics at the show...or gas for the ride home...if you're in the Dallas area please stop by the con and say hello...I'll be doing sketches and commisions...or if that's not possible come help support one of my best friends at an art show that he is throwing on Nov. 10th...this will most likely be my last post till I get back...wish me luck and pray that it all goes well!


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